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principal investigator:
Bartosz Trzaskowski

Magdalena Jawiczuk, PhD
Silvio Osella, PhD
phd students:
Katarzyna Młodzikowska, MSc
Anna Marczyk, MSc
Angelika Janaszkiewicz
Alicja Kowalska
Dara Ugorska

former collaborators


Centre of New Technologies
University of Warsaw
Banacha 2c
02-097 Warsaw, Poland
tel. +48 (22) 55 43671

The aim of LSSCB (Chemical and Biological Systems Simulation Lab) is to develop and apply theoretical and computational methods (ranging from quantum chemistry to molecular mechanics/dynamics) to describe chemical, physical and biological phenomena. Particular focus of the lab is on prediction of protein structures, nanotechnology, homogeneous catalysis and physical organic chemistry. We are interested both in basic research as well as its applications to help solve real industrial problems. LCCSB is affiliated with the Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw.
New postdoc, Phd students and undegraduate students position available in the five projects funded by NCN. See below.
PostDoc in "Anionic Carbenes and Borylanions: Tuning the properties of ruthenium metal complexes in olefin metathesis" project
PhD student in "Catenanes as new tools for stereoselective catalysts" project
PhD student in "Anionic, cationic and mesoionic analogues of N-heterocyclic carbenes in homogenous catalysis" project
PhD student in "Rational design of bio-organic systems for biomimetic applications" project
Undergraduate student in "Anionic, cationic and mesoionic analogues of N-heterocyclic carbenes in homogenous catalysis" project
Undergraduate student in "Rational design of bio-organic systems for biomimetic applications" project
Undergraduate student in "Analysis of the degradation reactions of ruthenium metathesis catalysts" project

LSSCB is looking for computational chemists and biologists, mathematicians, physicists and programmers, as well as other computational scientists. Relevant areas of experience might include the study of catalytic processes, computational organic chemistry, structure prediction or design for proteins, computational nanotechnology, design of new materials or development and implementation of new methodologies and/or computational protocols. Specific knowledge of any of these areas is, however, NOT critical. We seek people with outstanding intellectual ability and strong research skills. We are committed to fostering a stimulating, rewarding, and flexible work environment.


Undergraduate students are always welcome! We offer a number of interesting research projects in an laid-back, but stimulating environment. Please, take a look at our activities. If you find it interesting and would like to discuss some topics or just learn more about them, feel free to contact me (trzask@cent.uw.edu.pl) anytime.

Former collaborators
Michał Stępniewski, PhD - left for SpicyMobile
Adam Rajkiewicz, MSc - left for CeNT
Monika Kaczmarek - left for Faculty of Chemistry, University of Warsaw
Nirmalya Mukherjee, PhD - left for Lund University
PhD students

If you're seriously interested in computational chemistry/biology/ materials science, this is the right place for you. We have a number of projects that involve both methods development and their application for various molecular systems. Background in chemistry, biology, mathematics and/or physics as well as programming skills are welcome, but not required. We are looking for motivated young scientist willing to immerse in the world of computational sciences.

Annually there is at least one graduate student recruitment period at various departments (including, but not limited to Faculties of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics and the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences) within the University of Warsaw; usually around June and/or September/October. All prospective students are encouraged to apply well in advance to ensure applications are processed on time. If you are interested in joining our group please do not hesitate to contact me (trzask@cent.uw.edu.pl) to discuss all options.

Furthermore, many Polish (NCN, FNP, NCBiR, NAWA) and foreign institutions and governments (EU Horizon 2020) offer scholarships to perform either entire or a portion of their MSc/PhD studies in Poland, at the Unversity of Warsaw, and we will gladly support any such application.


The are no postdoc positions are available at this time. Note however, that many Polish (NCN, FNP, NCBiR, NAWA) and non-Polish institutions and governments (EU Horizon 2020, Fulbright Commission) offer funding possibilities for post-doctoral research to be conducted in Poland. If You are interested in any of these programs please do not hesitate to contact me (trzask@cent.uw.edu.pl) for help with the application process.